Vagonmash to Start Deliveries of New NeVa Metro Cars for St Petersburg Metro

Vagonmash, a joint venture of Kirovsky Zavod (Russia) and ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION (Czech Republic), will deliver the first of the eight NeVa trains for Saint Petersburg Metro this month.

01 March 2016 Tuesday, 19:43

The metro train will enter operation on Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line.

In April 2015, Vagonmash and the St. Petersburg Transport Committee signed a EUR 67 million contract for the delivery of eight six-car metro trains for Saint Petersburg Metro as a part of the NeVa project. The last train is scheduled for delivery in June 2017.

neva2NeVa trains have lightweight aluminium bodyshells and are equipped with electric-induction motors. The traction-drive train provides up to 25% power savings in traction and braking mode. The new metro cars have a high quality sound insulation, and feature modern ventilation system and LED lighting.

According to Georgy Semenenko, General Director of JSC Kirovsky Zavod, the level of production localisation for NeVa trains reaches 65%, with a number of 65 Russian suppliers involved in the project.

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