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BMZ started delivery of Hopper Cars to a New Customer

01 June 2013 Saturday, 14:59
THM Hopper Wagon

Bryansk Machine-building Plant (BMZ, CJSC Transmashholding Group) has delivered the first lot of 100 hoppers of 19-3018 model (cement carrier) to JSC State Transport Leasing Company.

Cement carriers built for State Transport Leasing Company will be delivered to the rolling stock operator A-B-Rail LLC. The cars are registered with Porkhov Depot of Oktyabrskaya Railway. The contract stipulates for delivery of another 100 such model cars until this June 1.

19-3018 model cars of 73 tons carrying capacity are designed for bulk transportation of cement, gypsum, lime, alabaster, glass sand, building sand and other cargoes admitted for transportation in cement carriers along rail roads of CIS and Baltic countries.

Basic advantages of those cars are increased carrying capacity (compared to the existing analogues), additional roof rigidity which allows servicing cargo hatches without ladders. The car is equipped with hatch lock mechanism, anti-vacuum valve, centralized hatch blocking system, which simplifies cargo handling operations and car maintenance. Small-scale braking system with split bogie braking enhancing reliability and effectiveness of brakes performance is installed on the car.

BMZ has produced 19-3018 model hopper cars since 2008.


Source : TMH Press Centre

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