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Stadler FLIRT for Budapest

18 March 2005 Friday, 18:57

Hungarian National Railway (MAV) declared Stadler Bussnang AG the winner of an international tender for the delivery of 30 electric S-Rail vehicles for Budapest. 30 4-section FLIRT (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train) railcars with an approximate order amount of 235 million Swiss Francs. Delivery is to begin in the year 2006.

In the summer of 2004, the Hungarian National Railway (MAV) made public the international tender for the supply of 30 electric S-Rail vehicles for Budapest. Within the framework of a tough selection process with international competition, Stadler Bussnang AG was declared the winner on 18 March 2005. The vehicle concept proposed by Stadler has entered the market within a very short period of time and to date sales in Switzerland and Germany have reached 113. With this sensational sales success in Hungary, the number of FLIRTs sold escalates to 143. Concerning this, Peter Spuhler, Owner and CEO of Stadler Rail AG, says “The procurement of this order represents a significant step in the development of our firm. After the FLIRT experienced a breakthrough within a very short time in Switzerland and in Germany, we now have the success of winning the first order outside our domestic market. This is proof that we have correctly judged the market requirements with our train designs. We are convinced that, before long, ad-ditional European operators will follow this example and select the FLIRT as the means of S-Bahn transport”. The contract with MAV should be signed toward the end of April at the close of financing negotiations with the banks. The volume of this order of 30 FLIRTs amounts to about 235 million Swiss Francs. This order carries with it a service contract for a period of 30 years as well as an option for a further 30 trains. The order will be undertaken together with our Hungarian partner, Ganz Transelektro. The Swiss produced share is approxi-mately 75%. 15 completely manufactured trains will be supplied from Bussnang, the vehicle bodies as well as the bogies for the remaining 15 will be supplied from Switzer-land and the final assembly will take place at Ganz Transelektro in Hungary. For the maintenance of the trains, Stadler, together with Ganz Transelektro, will establish a ser-vice centre in Pusztaszabolcs. The FLIRT will run on the Budapest – Tatabánya, Buda-pest – Székesfehérvár, Budapest – Pusztaszabolcs lines. The FLIRT for MAV is a 4-section train with seating for 211 and standing space for 164 and is equipped for 2nd class streetcar accommodation only. A rapid exchange of pas-sengers is enabled by the vehicles being equipped with 6 doors per side. A retracting platform beneath the car floor makes boarding in railway stations with low level plat-forms easier. The maximum speed reaches 160 km/h. The FLIRT demonstrates an ex-ceptional acceleration speed of 1.2 m/s2. The MAV line’s electrical supply is 25 kV, 50 Hz. A transparent passenger area, same level passage between the cars, passenger information system, and video surveillance complete the picture of a very passenger-friendly train. The FLIRT for MAV is also based on the same modular construction prin-ciple as the GTW Articulated Railcar. The first FLIRTs have been in successful com-mercial operation with the Stadtbahn Zug since 12 December 2004.

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