Skanska Wins Rail Contracts in Norway and Finland

12 August 2013 Monday, 08:30

Skanska has secured a SEK320m (€37.5m) contract from Länsimetro for the construction of the Keilaniemi metro station in Espoo, Finland, and a SEK600m (€69m) contract for a tramway extension project in Bergen, Norway.

Under the Espoo deal, Skanska will be responsible for the construction of the station hall and its above-ground entrances, a maintenance shaft, technical facilities and the Karhusaari tunnel.
Work on the site has started; the metro station is scheduled to be completed in November 2015.
Keilaniemi metro station, which will be located on the narrow strip of land between Karhusaarentie and Keilaniementie, will have two entrances with the main entrance situated at the south end of the station and the north entrance near the bend in Keilaniementie.
Ticket halls at the station will be located on an underground floor, with access to the platform level via lifts and escalators.
Länsimetro is a new stretch of the Helsinki Metro system linking central Helsinki to the neighbouring city of Espoo.
The new stretch, which will run completely underground, will extend from the current Ruoholahti metro station through the island of Lauttasaari, the Aalto University Otaniemi campus, and Tapiola to a new terminus at Matinkylä.
Separately, Skanska Norway has won a SEK600m (€69m) contract from Hordaland fylkeskommune and Bybanen utvikling for a tramway extension project in Bergen, Norway.
Work under the deal will include developing and building two extensions of the Bybanen tramway in Bergen.
The first track, ‘C12 Sandslivegen-Kokstad’, is 1,700m long with a contract value of NOK420m (€53m) and is scheduled for completion in November 2015.
The NOK112m (€14.3) second part is called ‘C14 Flesland’, and will link central Bergen with Flesland airport by December 2014.

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