EP20 Locomotives Made 10 Million Kilometres

15 October 2014 Wednesday, 08:29
Dual Voltage EP20 Locomotives

The EP20 passenger locomotives jointly developed by Alstom and Transmashholding have run over 10 million kilometers. The fleet consists of forty four EP20 locomotives currently operating in Russia, namely in Moscow, St. Petersburg, North Caucasus and Sochi.

EP20 is Russia’s first electric locomotive capable of driving passenger trains at the speeds of up to 200 km/h. Able to operate under both alternating and continuous current, EP20 locomotives can make this journey faster than a standard locomotive which would have to change the engine along the route.

EP20 was designed by TRTrans, a joint engineering center set up by TMH and Alstom Transport on a parity basis. The innovative solutions for this particular locomotive, including the traction drive and modular design provide a high safety level and lower lifecycle cost. The locomotive is designed to ensure rail traffic optimization, due to reduced power consumption and longer intervals between maintenance.

Source : Alstom

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