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CD will Equip Passenger Fleet with ETCS L2

Czech Railways (CD) has unveiled a programme to equip up to 663 vehicles with on-board equipment for the implementation of European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2.

17 May 2016 Tuesday, 10:56

According to CD, the communication between trackside equipment and a controller in the train cab will further improve safety on its railway lines.

With the new control system, trains could be stopped in a timely manner ahead of a stop signal, even if the train driver is incapacitated.

CD will be installing the new signalling equipment on 33 different classes of train, including the 151, 371, 380, 660/661 InterPanter, 680 Pendolino, CityElefant, and RegioPanter electric multiple units (EMUs).

The control system will also help reduce a train’s speed before taking a diverging track, or before a speed reduction on the line.

CD chairman Pavel Krtek said: [quote font_size=”20″]

“The safety of CD trains is a priority for us. We have already equipped 1,191 vehicles with the GSM-R European communication system and 1,535 vehicles with the TRS national radio communication system.

“This enables traffic controllers and dispatchers to stop a train during an extraordinary event, even remotely by means of a general stop, and thus contributes significantly to the high degree of safety on the Czech railway network.”


The equipment will be supplied and installed under a single contract with an estimated value of around CZK6.6bn ($276m).

The funding will be sought from the European Union’s (EU) Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), which could cover up to 85% of the cost of the project.

Krtek further noted: “The most modern interoperable ETCS control system further enhances the safety of our trains. For example, the system is able to stop a train in time even before a stop signal, before a ‘red light’, beyond which there may be another train.

[quote font_size=”20″]

“At a speed of 160km/h, the brakes must be deployed hundreds of metres in advance. The system also eliminates human error in the case of reduced speed when taking a diverging track, for example when arriving at stations or on the line before a significant speed reduction when entering a tight curve.”


[/quote]CD has already equipped class 151 and 362 locomotives, and a class 471 EMUs with ETCS Level 2 for pilot deployment between Porícany and Kolín.

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