50th KISS Train Went into Operation for SBB

50th KISS Train Went into Operation for SBB
November 13, 2015 7:29 pm

Stadler Rail’s 50th KISS double-decker multiple-unit train for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) went into operation today.

For the rail vehicle manufacturer, this marks the completion of a significant project: the first order for a double-decker multiple-unit train in Stadler Rail’s history. In the meantime, Stadler Rail has sold over 200 double-decker multiple-unit trains in 6 countries. This also includes additional orders from SBB.

With the roll-out of the 50th KISS double-decker multiple-unit train, which will be operated on the Zurich commuter railway and other rail lines, Stadler Rail is celebrating the successful completion of the first order of double-decker multiple-unit trains that was placed by SBB and the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV). At the same time, the roll-out marks a milestone in the history of Stadler Rail. This project allowed the company to establish itself in a new market segment. The order from SBB was followed by projects for KISS double-decker multiple-unit trains from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Russia and Azerbaijan. Additional orders also came in from Switzerland: BLS purchased 28 vehicles in 2014, and SBB placed orders for an additional 24 and then another 19 vehicles after the initial order. In addition to the ongoing tender in Sweden, Stadler Rail is currently participating in additional tenders on several continents with the KISS.

Peter Spuhler, Owner and CEO of Stadler Rail, welcomed guests to the roll-out in Erlen personally on Thursday, 12 November 2015. He looked back on the start of the project: “That was Stadler Rail’s first-ever double-decker multiple-unit train. The team developed a completely new vehicle in just under two years, and they have managed to deliver every vehicle on time since then. This has once again allowed us to demonstrate our abilities and prove that we are a reliable partner.”

Franz Kagerbauer, Director of the ZVV, is pleased about the punctual roll-out of the new commuter rail trains: “On this day seven years ago, I stood where I am currently standing, in front of the first scale model of the train. In a short time the wooden structure gave way to the first Stadler double-decker, which has now been travelling reliably on the ZVV network for five years. The Stadler double-decker trains have become the modern face of the Zurich commuter railway.

In her speech in Erlen, Anna Barbara Remund, Head of SBB Regional Traffic, stressed that this roll-out is not only a milestone for Stadler Rail: “It is also an important milestone for ZVV, for SBB and for passengers. These trains being put into service is good news for passengers in particular: Stadler Rail vehicles are very popular, they offer travellers more space and a great deal of comfort.” These vehicles will be operated on the Zurich commuter rail lines as well as on regional express lines.

The total order volume for the 50 double-decker multiple-unit trains amounts to approximately CHF 1 billion. The vehicles are made up of a total of 5.5 million parts. 8250 kilometres of cables have been laid and 125 tonnes of paint have been applied. Furthermore, Stadler Rail has employed 530 suppliers for this large-scale project. Over 80 per cent of the added value was created in Switzerland.

The contract for the first 50 150-metre-long double-decker multiple-unit trains for SBB was signed at the end of August 2008. Stadler Rail was then able to fully develop, manufacture and commission the trains in just under two years. The first vehicle was rolled out at Zurich main station in June 2010. At this time, SBB exercised an option for 24 more double-decker multiple-unit trains – however, these vehicles were 100 metres in length – and four years later, they exercised a second option for another 19 100-metre-long trains.

The KISS (the name is an acronym of the German for comfortable innovative speedy suburban train) can be delivered either as a commuter train or as a long-distance version (for intercity and inter-regional services). It meets the ever-increasing demands in terms of train capacity.

Source : Stadler Rail

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