19 Jun 2021 Sat

WMATA has Added New 20 Railcar Their Fleet

15 April 2009 Wednesday, 10:48
Wmata Rail Cars

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has added 20 new railcars to its existing fleet, converting three six-car trains on each of its Red and Green lines to eight-car trains.

The remaining cars will be used as a “gap” train when another vehicle experiences problems during the peak hours in the tourist season between June and September.

To facilitate the addition of the new rail cars, WMATA recently upgraded 66 traction power substations. For the first time, 850 railcars will be used in the morning and afternoon rush hours.
WMATA’s assistant general manager said: “With the additional 20 rail cars entering service, half of our rail fleet on the Green Line will consist of eight-car trains during the peak period.”

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