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Alstom Interested in Nomad Digital

Alstom has signed an agreement to acquire the UK’s Nomad Digital, which supplies passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the railway industry.

26 December 2016 Monday, 19:42

Nomad will be purchased from Amadeus Capital Partners, SEB Venture Capital and Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments together with other investors.

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Nomad Digital offers solutions such as WiFi, passenger information systems and on-board portals, entertainment and media platforms.

Alstom digital mobility senior vice-president Pascal Cléré said: “This acquisition illustrates our strategy to offer more and more tailor made solutions to our customers.

[quote font_size=”16″ arrow=”yes”]“We are very confident in the success of this new activity as Nomad Digital enables operators to significantly enhance the passenger experience. These new skills and technologies will enable us to accelerate the digitalisation of our offering.”[/quote]

Alstom has been working with Nomad Digital for the installation of WiFi on its Coradia Continental trains in Germany, as well as the New Pendolino trains for SBB in Switzerland.

[quote font_size=”16″ arrow=”yes”]”These new skills and technologies will enable us to accelerate the digitalisation of our offering.”[/quote]
The deal is expected to close in January next year.

Upon closing of the deal, Alstom will start integrating Nomad into its own group and ensure that the company operates as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Other services offered by Nomad Digital include tele maintenance solutions, including remote online condition monitoring, reliability centred maintenance, driver assist and power train products. The company has 13 offices across the globe, principally in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Australia and the US.

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