UIC Participates in Demonstration Run on New Frecciarossa 1000 Italian HST between Rome and Milan

09 June 2015 Tuesday, 12:29

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS) invited a UIC representative to take a ride on the new Frecciarossa 1000 high speed train on 5 June.
The train departed at 09:30 from Rome Termini Station, arriving at 12:35 at Milan Centrale Station.

Mr Michele Elia, FS CEO and UIC Vice Chairman, Italian parliamentary members, representatives of local authorities, as well as journalists, attended the test run.

Frecciarossa 1000 has smooth high acceleration while also being a silent train that creates less noise and contains vibration created during high-speed operation.

Thanks to a top speed of 400 km/h and a commercial speed of 360 km/h, the new Frecciarossa will shorten the distances in Italy and in Europe. Travel times between all European Capitals affected by the high speed network will be further reduced, thus making the train even more competitive compared to the plane, the bus and the car. Frecciarossa 1000 will start commercial service on the Italian high speed network on 14 June 2015.

The onboard signalling devices installed in the train comply with the European rail traffic management system (ERTMS), which allows for the integration of different national signalling systems and automatic train protection (ATP) systems in Europe. It renders interoperability on all European high speed networks, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium.

The train is designed with advanced energy-saving technology and has a range of sustainable features. Light alloys are used for the carriage casings and furniture elements of the train that can be recovered at the end of their lifecycle. The train is made with 95% renewable materials while 85% of its materials are recyclable.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, congratulates FS on this new service, which ties in perfectly with the development of sustainable high speed rail operations.

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