Tata Steel to Supply Rail to SNCF

Tata Steel has signed a 5-rail supply contract with SNCF .

03 December 2015 Thursday, 14:59

Tata Steel has signed a 5-rail supply contract with SNCF .

The steel manufacturers Hayange rail in France will resume to supply rail for SNCF, using steel from the company’s Scunthorpe works.

Tata Steel will supply the majority of the 750,000 tonnes of rail that will be required by SNCF in that period. The contract includes an optional four-year extension.

Tata Steel’s rail sector head Gérard Glas said:

[quote font_size=”20″]“This contract will provide a valuable foundation for our future order book and keeps SNCF at the very heart of our focus for delivering customer satisfaction in terms of quality products and services.”[/quote]

Hayange will supply rail lengths up to 108 metres. It will also supply its Sogenox rail solution, which allows a train’s location to be communicated through the track using electrical signals.

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