Bombardier will Implement ERTMS Solution to Chile’s Railway

25 October 2013 Friday, 13:22

Bombardier Transportation has won a $21m contract from Chilean national railway Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE) to implement its INTERFLO 250 European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Level 1 solution.

The system will be deployed on the 22km line between Alameda station in central Santiago and the area of Nos in the city’s outskirts. The line connects further south to Rancagua and then to Chillán.
Apart from enhancing passenger services and safety on the commuter and regional rail corridor of Rancagua, the system is expected to increase EFE annual passenger traffic from 6m to 18m.
In addition, the system will also reduce headways to just four minutes and cut travel times for commuters.
Bombardier said its INTERFLO 250 technology allows automatic and safe management of travelling time between trains, including automatic stops.
Under the project, Bombardier will offer its EBI Lock 950 R4 computer-based interlocking, EBI Screen control centre and EBI Track train detection systems, onboard systems and five years of maintenance.
In addition, a control centre will oversee traffic over the entire Santiago-Nos-Rancagua-Chillán service.
In Chile, Bombardier has also delivered its INTERFLO 150 automatic train control system for the Codeco mine rail system. Furthermore, Bombardier will also provide its ERTMS technology to improve the SuperVia commuter service in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Bombardier, which has installed its ERTMS systems on more than 2,300 rail vehicles in 17 countries and has also secured contracts in Croatia, Algeria, Turkey, Poland and Sweden.

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