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14 July 2011
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Syria Railway Announced Railway Extension Plans

The Syrian State railway, CFS, has unveiled a plan to develop and expand its existing rail lines by 2025 to allow faster and higher volumes of freight to move on the lines.

The plan includes the laying of 382km of second track on the 536km Damascus-Aleppo route at a cost of S£11.7bn ($240m).
Studies for the project were completed last year, and a Czech firm has been appointed to advise on the project.
The plan also includes 934km of new rail line including a direct link from Dayr Az Zawr to Iraq avoiding the longer route through Turkey.
CFS is also planning to start a feasibility study in partnership with Turkish national railway TCDD for a faster line on the 220km Aleppo-Gaziantep route, according to railwaygazette.com.

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