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Scomi Engineering Wins $121m Monorail Contract in Brazil

Malaysia-based Scomi Engineering has secured a MYR504.6m ($121.5m) contract to carry out additional works on Line 17 of Gold São Paulo monorail project in Brazil.

09 June 2016 Thursday, 08:14

The company initially won a contract in 2013 to design and support the system integration and other important elements of the rolling stocks. Under the new contract, Scomi will provide full rolling stocks and additional systems, including signalling system, operations control centre system, track switches, power rails, power supply and distribution systems, fibre-optics and cable trays.

The 8.8km Line 17 Gold project will feature automatic train operation (driverless) technology. Scomi Engineering CEO Rohaida Ali Badaruddin said: “The São Paulo Metropolitan Company (São Paulo Metro) had approached Scomi to take on additional scopes and to fast track the project to completion.

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“This is testimony of the client’s confidence in Scomi’s competencies and capabilities, and we are committed to take on this challenge.”


[/quote]Upon completion of the project in 2018, the monorail trains will be capable of transporting 20,600 passengers an hour in each direction with a speed of up to 80km/h. In March, Scomi had partnered with the São Paulo state government to establish an BRL50m ($14m) facility to manufacture monorail trains, including rolling stock and bogies. Established on a 98,0000m² area allocated by the state government, the facility will manufacture monorail trains for Line 17, and build metro and light rail trains. 

Scomi Engineering is currently engaged in operating and maintaining Phase 1 of the Mumbai Monorail in India. Phase 2 work of this project is expected to be completed by next year.

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