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25 November 2015
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RZD LLC Signing an Iranian Route Electrification Contract

November 23, during President Vladimir Putin of Russia Tehran (Iran) visit, the RZD International (government-owned Russian Railways subsidiary) and the Railways of the Islam Republic of Iran, LLC, signed the contract to develop, supply, equip and construct the electrified railway mainline between Gamsar and Inche Burun. The contract was signed by Sergei Pavlov, CEO of RZD International LLC, and Mohsen Pur Seyed Agayi, deputy minister of roads and city planning, chairman of the board and CEO of the Railways of the Islam Republic of Iran, LLC

The contract is estimated to exceed 1.2 billion euro financed by the Russian Federation government credit allocation issued towards the Government of the Islam Republic of Iran.

The overall project to include the Gamsar-Inche Burun electrification of 495 km total, including 203 km in the highlands. The scheme will include 32 stations and 95 tunnels constructing 7 power stations and 11 sectioning posts, 6 regular duty posts for electric lines and an energy supply facility.

Electric restructuring of the said mainline means to significantly develop its capacity raising maximum average transit for certain sections. The project is estimated to unroll during the next 3 years.

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