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6 September 2012
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OEVRZ Won a Bid to Supply Metro Cars to St Petersburg Metro

Oktyabrsky Railway Car Repair Plant was awarded a bid of Saint Petersburg Government for the supply of metro cars of 81-714/717 model for St. Petersburg Metro.

Under the supply contract, OEVRZ shall deliver to the metro 3 intermediate cars of 81-714/717 model by the end of 2012.

Several customized features of St/ Petersburg metro cars make them different from the basic model. Head cars are fitted with an electronic routing identifier. Drivers cab is equipped with an air conditioner, a vibration-absorbing seat and a desk with a full-color touch sensitive display. Up-to-date antivandal wear-resistant materials are used for passenger saloon interiors. Linear type lights provide sufficient lighting inside the car. Special design of air inlets and air grating ensures air flow uniform distribution. Externals of car end walls are fitted with special guards preventing passengers against falling on track.

A total of 30 metro cars of this model were manufactured by the plant for St. Petersburg during the cooperation of OEVRZ and St. Petersburg Metro state owned company.

OEVRZ metro cars are successfully operated in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg Metros since 2010. Moreover, the plant also provides metro cars repair services.


Source & Photo : TMH Press Centre

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