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5 December 2016
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Harsco Sales New Rail Grinder in North America

Harsco Corporation’s railway track maintenance division, Harsco Rail, announced today new sales of its railway track grinders for service in contract rail grinding programs throughout North America.

The sales to RailWorks Corporation, one of North America’s leading track and transit construction and maintenance service businesses, mark Harsco’s successful return to the North American contract grinding sector, where Harsco rail grinding machines have long been a major player in improving track conditions and enhancing safety. Regular rail grinding re-profiles railhead contours for extended rail life and smoother travel, thus reducing fuel consumption, operating costs and noise, while also correcting surface damage that could lead to rail fractures.

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RailWorks already has two of the Harsco grinders in active service, with a third unit most recently entering service in November. The sale of a potential fourth unit is anticipated within the first half of 2017. Once concluded, the sales are projected to have a combined value approaching $ 20 million. These latest configurations include Harsco’s Jupiter II Control System; a laser profile measurement system that provides accurate and reliable measurement of rail profiles in real time; and other features such as onboard dust collection and fire suppression, and an ergonomically-designed operator cabin equipped to minimize external vibrations and noise.

[quote font_size=”16″ arrow=”yes”]“Our win-win relationship with RailWorks in deploying these machines throughout North America addresses a key strategic objective for our business. We could not be more pleased to mark our return to this sector than by joining forces with one of the most trusted names in the contract services industry.” [/quote]” said Jeswant Gill, Harsco Rail President.
Harsco Rail is a global market leader for railway track maintenance and construction, with a broad range of high quality equipment, cutting-edge technology, and worldwide support to major railroads worldwide.

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