B Logistics Group expands SWL Network with Rotterdam and Köln Shuttles

15 June 2015 Monday, 11:58

The B Logistics Group is steadily expanding its own fast and direct European network for distributed transport and has added two short-distance destinations: scheduled rail connections, with a transit time known in advance, between Belgium and the economic centres round Rotterdam and Cologne. Thanks to these rail links, customers in the Netherlands and Germany can also avail themselves of the Xpress services of B Logistics: the Swiss Xpress, the Austria Xpress and the Slovakia Xpress. Moreover they are connected to the national Belgian SWL network.

Following the long distance connections Swiss, Austria and Slovakia Xpress, the group is now introducing services to strategic destinations closer to home. By developing such international connections that customers want, and combining them with an optimised and reliable rail offer, the company capitalises fully on opportunities for commercial growth.

The Xpedys Rotterdam Shuttle
The Xpedys Rotterdam Shuttle transports conventional and intermodal cargo to and fro Belgium and Rotterdam 5 times a week. B Logistics sees to the traction (AB) and works together with Locon Benelux for the last mile operations. This connection is used mainly to connect the Dutch harbours and industry with the international network from Belgium.

The Xpedys Köln Shuttle
The Xpedys Köln Shuttle transports conventional and intermodal cargo to and fro Belgium and Cologne. B Logistics sees to the traction (AA) and works with local partners for the last mile operations. The Köln Shuttle connects the Rhur Valley with the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and the European hinterland. This fast and very reliable connection between important economic hubs has been established primarily at the request of customers from the chemical industry.

For the commercial activities for the intermodal loads B Logistics collaborates with intermodal operator IFB.

Development together with the customer
Sam Bruynseels, Chief Commercial Officer at B Logistics: “Our customers appreciate the advantages of the Xpress products. We see indeed a steady increase of the volumes for the recently launched connections. They are asking us to develop additional destinations, including for short distances. Another five new destinations are scheduled to be added by the end of the year. With our Xpress and Shuttle network, we are creating in Belgium an important rail hub again that will interconnect harbours and economic hubs.”

(Source: B Logistics Group)

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