17 Apr 2021 Sat

Antray will Buy Train Vehicles

24 July 2015 Friday, 19:11
Antray Tram Cars

Antalya transportation authority Antray is announced a new tender for purchase of train vehicles. The new 18 set of vehicles will be use in the second phase of Antalya train system.

The tender includes spare parts and maintenance for two years. It also includes workshop equipment supply and entegration of new vehicles signalling to the existing system.

Delivery schedule is;

2 vehicles on 6th month

4 vehicles on 8th month

4 vehicles on 10th month

4 vehicles on 12th month

4 vehicles on 14th month

Total duration of contract is 16 months. The tender will be held on 25 August 2015 at 10:30.

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