TMH will Supply 200 Electric Locomotives to RZD

06 June 2011 Monday, 07:18
2es5 electric locomotive

Transmash Holding has won a €1bn contract from Russian Railways to supply 200 electric-powered trains as part of a deal to upgrade ageing rail infrastructure in the country.
Under the contract Transmash Holding will supply innovative mainline AC freight electric 2ES5 locomotives between 2013 and 2020.

The electric locomotives are being built in the Novocherkassk subsidiary of the joint Transmashholding and Alstom Transport engineering centre – TRTrans company.

The 2ES5 locomotive trains use modern traction drive with asynchronous traction motors that boast individual voltage inverters, oil-free piston-type compressors with air cleaning and drying units, and diagnostic and control microprocessor systems.

The electric locomotives are being developed following a MoU that was signed by Transmashholding, French company Alstom Transport and Russian Railways in September 2010.

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