Stadler Wins a Tender from PKP

31 August 2013 Saturday, 15:31
Stadler Intercity Trains

Stadler Rail has won a tender for 20 long-distance trains in Poland, tendered by the Polish State Railways PKP Intercity. These trains are eight-carriage FLIRT3 trains with a high-quality interior. They are based on the established FLIRT family, which is already in successful operation in 14 countries with 930 trains. Stadler has won the assignment together with the Polish rail vehicle manufacturer Newag. This success is an important milestone for Stadler in Poland. Since 2007, the company has been operating a plant with currently around 700 employees in Siedlce in eastern Poland. The trains will be mainly constructed at the Stadler plant in Siedlce as well as at the Newag plants. Various components, such as the bogies and the drive components, will be produced in Switzerland.

Today, the Polish State Railways PKP Intercity announced the result of the tender for its new long-distance trains. Together with Newag, Stadler Rail will construct the intercity trains, which will be used for long-distance railway traffic throughout Poland. In addition, Stadler will ensure the technical maintenance of the trains for 15 years. All 20 compositions with a value of approximately CHF 350 million will be delivered by the end of 2015.

High degree of travel comfort
The trains for PKP Intercity are an advanced development of the FLIRT. They will be fitted with an especially high-quality interior for comfortable travelling across long distances. The trains will also feature a buffet car. Altogether, there will be six toilets in the eight carriages. The seating arrangements are spacious to ensure comfortable long-distance journeys. In first class, the seats will be installed in a 2 + 1 configuration (three seats across the width of the carriage.

The trains operate with 3 kV direct current and are equipped with the modern European train control system ETCS Level 2. So far, Stadler is the only company that supplies trains with this high-quality train control system in Poland. The top speed of these trains will be 160 km/h.

Consortium with Newag
Stadler Rail has formed a consortium with the Polish manufacturer Newag for this assignment. In the scope of this consortium, Stadler will construct the two end vehicles with the entire drive system. It will also supply the bogies and the aluminium bodies for all cars. Stadler is the global leader in lightweight aluminium technology. This technology allows the trains to accelerate faster, thus significantly reducing energy consumption and operating costs in comparison to conventional vehicles.

Newag is responsible for planning the interior fittings and will take care of the final assembly of all intermediate cars. Newag will also be in charge of the composition of the trains (joining the two end vehicles with the intermediate cars) and the entire commissioning process. This way, Stadler and Newag were able to find the ideal division of labour.

Source & Photo : Stadler Rail PC

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