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Stadler and Siemens JV to Supply New Trains for S-Bahn

Stadler and Siemens will supply new trains for Berlin S-Bahn.

25 December 2015 Friday, 06:02

Stadler and Siemens will supply new trains for Berlin S-Bahn. The framework is for 1,380 vehicles. The first 10 vehicles will enter service in 2020. Following a succesful period in passenger service, the remaining trains will be added to the network by 2023. The new trains will operate on the Ringbahn lines.

Stadler will be responsible for the main mechanical and structural works. And Siemens will supply the bogies and the power supply, braking, control and passenger information systems. The newtrain will manufacture in Berlin and has air conditioner.

Stadler said: [quote font_size=”20″]“The first 10 vehicles will be pre-production and test vehicles. “They will undergo extensive tests before entering regular passenger service – which will enable us to incorporate possible findings from operations in Berlin in the series.”[/quote]

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