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Peru has Selected to Siemens to Build Metro Line in Lima

12 December 2011 Monday, 12:56

Siemens has been selected by the Consorcio Tren Eléctrico consortium to electrify an additional 12 kilometres of the Tren Urbano metro line in the Peruvian capital Lima, which is planned to be expanded in 2013.

The company will be responsible for electrifying the new double-track metro line, which will be be expanded in 2013 and run from the northern suburbs of Lima to the historic downtown area, via ten stations.

Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector Rail Electrification CEO Mirko Düsel said the new metro line will connect even more districts to the metropolitan railway system.

“Not only will this encourage urban development, but it will also reduce CO2 emissions, as approximately half of the electricity used for railway electrification will be generated using hydroelectric power”, Düsel added.

“What’s more, the new line will considerably reduce the amount of time it takes to get into the city while keeping prices affordable for everyone. As far as residents of Lima’s outermost districts are concerned, this is a key aspect.”

Under the contract the company will provide a feeder station (60 kV/20 kV) with two 20 MVA transformers, two 20 kV cable distribution system rings, as well as deliver ten stations and four 1500 V rectifier substations.

In addition, Siemens will also install a catenary line, a 2.6 km overhead contact line system for the planned depot as well as implement a Scada (supervisory control and data acquisition) system for monitoring and controlling the traction power supply.

Previously, the company had won a contract to carry out the electrification work for the first metro extension in Lima in 2010. Siemens was responsible for equipping the 11.7 kilometre metro extension line, including the nine stations, with the entire traction power supply.

The metro line ran on a viaduct and extended northward from the terminus at Atacongo station to Avenida Grau, one of Lima’s main streets.

The first stretch of the Tren Urbano metro line has been completed and put into operation while the construction work for the second extension is underway.

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