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Nokia Siemens will Install Broadband on Taiwan High Speed Trains

12 September 2011 Monday, 18:04

Nokia Siemens Networks has been selected by VeeTIME in Taiwan to provide broadband services on high-speed trains.

Under the contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will provide services including network implementation, optimisation and a full set of hardware and software maintenance services to enable a fast rollout.
VeeTIME is working with the Taiwanese Government to offer onboard connectivity enabled by existing WiMAX system to provide connectivity on high-speed trains running at speeds of up to 285km/hr.
The passengers travelling on Taiwan high-speed rail will have wireless broadband from early 2012.
The passengers will be able to connect via Wi-Fi or directly to the network if they have a compatible WiMAX device, and it will be the first time that WiMAX has been used to support broadband access for passengers on a high-speed rail service.

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