Mexico Begins Punta Colonet Port and Railway Project

08 August 2008 Friday, 13:11
Railway Track

Mexico has begun considering tenders for the construction of the planned $4.88m Punta Colonet Port and Railway project, which will triple the amount of cargo the country can handle.

The project includes the construction of a 350km rail link that will run from Colonet through the mountains of the peninsula to a connection with the US rail network.

The location of the proposed connection is undecided as yet and will depend on which company wins the bid. Likely destinations include Calexico in California, El Paso Texas and Yuma or Nogales in Arizona.

The port will have an initial annual capacity of two million containers, with expansion to six million projected within 15 years.

The port complex will cover 83ha on land and 2,600ha of the bay and is expected to support a population of around 150,000 residents.

The winners of the construction bids will be announced in 2009 and work on the project is expected to get underway in 2012.

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