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Metrowagonmash to Repair 20 Metro Cars for Nizhny Novgorod Metro

27 October 2015 Tuesday, 07:31

Metrowagonmash (MWM, an entity of Transmashholding) will overhaul 20 class 81-717/81-714 metro cars of Nizhny Novgorod Metro.

According to the contract, five 4-car trains (10 class 81-717 head cars and 10 class 81-714 intermediate cars) will be repaired and sent back to Nizhny Novgorod Metro by December 2017.

Scope of work includes full package repair of all carbodies and bogies. Moreover, the overhaul means mandatory diagnostics of carbodies in order to detect and remove faults like cracks in surfaces and weld joints, plough defects, deformations, compression marks corrosive damage, defects of equipment suspension brackets. The carbodies will be coated with special antirust pain. Sliding doors sills will be replaced with new slotted ones. Pneumatic and traction equipment will be upgraded, and door pneumatic kit will be totally replaced. The cars will receive new electric equipment, and automatic fire detection and extinguishing system. Passenger compartment interior will also be upgraded: new vandal-proof sitting benches will have fire-resistant FRP framework and low-combustible compo leather backs and bottoms.

The relationships of Metrowagonmash and Nizhny Novgorod Metro date back to the opening of the Metro in 1985. The last delivery of rolling stock to the Metro operator in 2013 comprised 15 class 81-717/81-714 metro cars.


Source : TMH

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