03 May 2021 Mon

Metrowagonmash has Delivered an Additional Batch of Metro Cars to Minsk Metro

25 July 2012 Wednesday, 13:55
TMH Minsk Metro Cars

An additional batch of 10 Metro cars of 81-717.5М/ 81-714.5М series was delivered to Minsk Metro by Metrowagonmash.

The previous delivery was in June: 25 similar Metro cars were shipped to Minsk. The specific feature of the cars previously delivered to Minsk is availability of a newly modified radio station providing communication between a driver and a Metro traffic control station, as well as safety operation system.

Metrowagonmash have maintained business ties with Minsk Metro since its opening in 1984. At present about 75% of Byelorussian capital car fleet are represented by Mytischi cars.

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