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Jakarta Monorail Project is Finally Cancelled

24 July 2015 Friday, 20:53
monorail project

The Jakarta Monorail project, which has been limping along since construction started (and almost immediately stopped) in 2004, is finally officially canceled.

The Jakarta Government has been attempting to cancel their contract with PT Jakarta Monorail (JM) since January of this year but legal wrangling have prevented the contract termination from becoming official.

But today, Jakarta Governor Basuki Ahok Tjahaja Purnama said the monorail project had been canceled since JM had not fulfilled any of the obligations demanded by the city government.

“Actually, it has been canceled since [the time of former governor] Fauzi Bowo, but we keep going back due to the numerous conditions [in the contract],” Ahok said at City Hall today as quoted by Tempo.

Ahok said the government had 15 requirements JM had to meet in order to continue the project, and none of them had been fulfilled yet, meaning the city could now end their working relationship with the company.

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