Improving Efficiency with the TRAXX Last Mile Locomotive

The BOMBARDIER TRAXX AC Last Mile Locomotive has proven extremely successful in commercial use, primarily due to its flexibility and energy efficiency.

Improving Efficiency with the TRAXX Last Mile Locomotive
April 30, 2017 3:43 pm

The BOMBARDIER TRAXX AC Last Mile Locomotive has proven extremely successful in commercial use, primarily due to its flexibility and energy efficiency. These advantages are, in large part, due to the TRAXX locomotive’s Last Mile feature that enables this electric locomotive to cross non-electrified track sections.

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This Last Mile feature is made possible by the use of an innovative support diesel engine accompanied by a traction battery. Together, these two systems empower this electric locomotive to efficiently bridge sections of non-electrified tracks and seamlessly transition between electric and diesel operation. This flexibility and efficiency is ideal for use in places like ports, terminals, depots or factories where an additional supporting diesel shunting locomotive must be called in to help diesel trains cross the final, non-electrified, track sections known as the “last mile”.

But the Last Mile function’s advantages aren’t limited to ports and depots. The battery system also lets the TRAXX locomotive move about workshops and trains stations without using its diesel engine – further reducing emissions and increasing flexibility. In addition, when crossing borders between two territories that rely on different overheated power supplies, for example between Germany and the Netherlands or Switzerland and Italy, the TRAXX locomotive’s Last Mile function makes shunting possible in border stations, where the voltage changes from country to country.

The TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive also comes with a 400 liter diesel tank that provides approximately eight full hours of operation, more than enough to handle any unforeseen catenary failures. This offers operators the flexibility to develop new logistic concepts while cutting back the time and costs of freight transport.

Still, the advantages of this innovative locomotive go beyond convenience and flexibility for the operator. Their ecological benefits are also crystal clear. The locomotive’s regenerative braking system reduces overall energy consumption by around 15% while its ‘eco mode’ can cut energy consumption 5% by shutting down unneeded traction motors.

More than 2,000 TRAXX locomotives have been sold in whole Europe, Israel and South Africa. Currently more than 1,700 of them are operating in Europe with very good performance and reliability figures, proven by an availability rate of more than 98%.

TRAXX locomotive’s energy efficiency at a glance

  • Regenerative braking system cuts energy consumption by 15%
  • Eco-Mode shuts down unnecessary components and can cut energy needs by an additional 5%
  • 100% emission-free when operating on catenary power is a railway information and news platform. Website presents from all around the world railway sector news, developments, projects and tender for the sector specialists. Railwaynews supports to industry events and announced them for potential participants. Railwaynews plans to collecting data from all around the world, about railway infrastructure, rolling stock, railway transportation datum, geographical datum to present for railway professionals for short term. Railwaynews will build new platforms aims to high value railway business environment for all railway specialists, railway fans and especially railway suppliers and their decision makers. Railwaynews presents whole information from rail professionals to rail professionals.

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