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High Speed Railway Opens in Jilin

02 October 2015 Friday, 13:45

China’s first high-speed passenger railway line to the borders with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Russia has started business.

The 361-kilometre line runs from Jilin city, the second-largest city in Jilin province, to Hunchun, near to where the borders of the three countries meet.

Dubbed by the media as the most beautiful rail line in Northeast China, the route opened on Sunday 20 September.

Construction started in August 2011. With trains running at speeds of up to 250 km/h, travelling time between the two cities has been cut from six hours by long-distance bus to two and a quarter hours.

The new line brings rail travel to Hunchun, which has a population of 220,000, for the first time. The city on the lower reaches of the Tumen River is an important gateway to the East Sea and a key trading hub in Northeast Asia.

Source : China Daily

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