DMZ Delivers Renewed EMUs to RZD

DMZ Delivers Renewed EMUs to RZD
July 9, 2011 8:28 pm

The enterprise starts to produce new models of ED4M DC electric trains with such engineering changes which substantially increase passenger comfort and safety.

The trains are ordered by OJSC Russian railways. All new engineering solutions are implemented taking into account requirements of the client. Significant part of changes was done according to results of survey questionnaire performed among representatives of operating depots and passengers. Engineers had significantly changed a saloon of electric train, introduced saloon and vestibule air conditioning systems, gang-ways, lighting, diagnostics and CCTV systems.

Saloons are being equipped with split heating and cooling air conditioning systems which allow maintaining set temperature automatically. Separate forced-air ventilating system is installed in vestibules allowing to remove stale air quickly. Windows on new electric trains had also undergone changes. Now vent windows have bigger opening angle which increases flow of fresh air in saloon.

Unified style of saloon interior is complete with a glance to the latest trends of industrial design using modern finishing materials. Designers managed to increase life of saloon interior and to simplify its maintenance as well as to improve the levels of its comfort and safety. Cars are fitted with modern chair blocks. Ceiling is equipped with continuous longitudinal illuminating line, which assures steady light without lamp “twinkling effect”. Apart from lighting sources, loudspeakers and fire and security alarm detectors are located in illuminating light modules; this significantly simplifies installation and repair of these elements.

Sliding-plug doors with automatic control block installed on EMUs assure reliable car sealing and eliminate draught when train is in motion. The doors are made of non-corrosive steel, which increases their operation life significantly. The doors can be operated from driver’s panel as well using buttons in passenger saloon. Design of the doors and control block allow to assure passenger transportation safety and also generate signal to a driver if doors are not closed.

New passenger gangways provide unobstructed and convenient pass from one car to another, full weather protection, heat and noise isolation without installation of vestibule doors. Saloon CCTV system registers current situation in real-time mode, information is shown on driver’s panel.

Electric trains are fitted with enhanced capacity auxiliary transverters (31% higher that serial analogs), which provides reliable power supply of auxiliary consumers including air conditioning. BSU-TM coupler, which from now on will be used on Demikhovo electric trains, assures slack-free, rigid car coupling, which enables to reduce impact forces and improve smoothness during train movement.

Electric trains are also equipped with KOMPAKS-EXPRESS-3 on-board monitoring system of technical state. The monitoring system quickly transmits information via wireless network to the staff of the nearest depot, responsible for EMU diagnostics. The first trains of new ED4M car version will be operated on Moscow Railway

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