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Central Japan Railway will Spend to Railway Operations on 2010

30 March 2010 Tuesday, 10:54

Central Japan Railway plans to invest ¥308bn ($3.4bn) in railway operations for the fiscal year 2010.

The Japanese railway operator is expected to earmark ¥110bn ($1.2bn) to ensure safe and reliable transportation, according to
It plans to shell out ¥95bn ($1bn) to expand its Shinkansen high-speed train and improve its Tokaido Shinkansen line.
Magnetic levitation operations, including extending the Yamanashi test line, have been allocated ¥49bn ($529m).
The company capital spending will be increased by 3% to ¥328bn ($3.5bn) for rolling stock manufacturing businesses.
Apart from this, an extra amount has been kept aside for plans to build high-speed rail networks overseas.

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