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Caf Supplies 20 Trains to Medellin Metro

06 July 2015 Monday, 13:54

The Medellín Metro was inaugurated in year 1995 as the mass transit system for the Valley and the Metropolitan Area. Currently it has two main lines in operation, A and B, extending for a total of 35.5 km in a network of 27 stations.

Empresa de Transporte Masivo Valle de Aburrá (Medellín Metro) and CAF have signed this new contract in response to the increasing numbers of passenger in the region. CAF is to supply 20 x 3-car Units which can run in single 3-car consists or as a double consist train featuring cutting-edge technology for this type of vehicles.

CAF signed another contract with the Medellín Metro in 2009 for the delivery of 13 x 3-car Units which are already operating in revenue service. This contract was subsequently extended in January 2014 with 3 more Units, the first of which is already built and in transit for delivery in Colombia. With this new 20 Unit contract, the fleet supplied by CAF will add up to 36 Units, underpinning the Company’s firm commitment to the Colombian market, where sales prospects are exiting, particularly concerning the future Bogotá Metro project.

In addition, CAF reinforces the Company’s footprint in the Latin American market where significant projects have been delivered in the last few years, both with the supply of vehicles and also under Rolling Stock Concession schemes. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Colombia are some of the countries that currently benefit from CAF’s state-of-the-art trains running in their railway networks.

Photo & Source : Caf Press Center

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