Bombardier Taken Two Rail Orders

07 January 2011 Friday, 06:41

Bombardier Transportation has received two rail orders worth $497.3m.

The first $485m deal is for rolling stock from an undisclosed customer, possibly a European firm. The second $12.3m order is to design, install, test and commission its INTERFLO 200 signalling system on a 100km double-track with five stations, which forms part of the new Venstpils-Riga-Krustpils line of the east–west corridor in Latvia.

The contract was awarded by a consortium of civil works companies in Latvia, led by Skonto Buve, for delivery to Latvian Railways for the Skrivery–Krustpils project.

Bombardier’s contract includes providing the latest EBI Lock 950 CBI Release 4, EBI Screen 2000 control room and EBI Gate 2000 level crossing systems.

The signalling systems will be produced by Bombardier’s sites in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Russia and will enter commercial operation in 2014.

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