ADIF will Equip Levante HSR Line with Da Vinci Control System

02 February 2010 Tuesday, 14:39
Metro Control Centre

State-owned Spanish railway operator Administrador De Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (Adif) will equip the Levante high-speed rail line with the Da Vinci control system.

Developed by IT firm Indra in co-operation with Adif, the system will be installed at Albacete’s Control and Regulation Centre, which integrates all control, supervision and communications systems that will monitor the operation of the future high-speed railway network due to enter service in 2010.

The Da Vinci system features centralised traffic control, landline and GSM-R communications, signage, energy remote control and video surveillance, and will manage and regulate rail traffic on the Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Valencia-Murcia line.

The €13.1m ($18.23m) project includes the operation of a 438km stretch to Cuenca, Valencia and Albacete. Future extension of the system to cover a 955km high-speed railway network is under planning.

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