Acceptance Committee Confirmed RIC Coaches Production at TVZ

23 October 2012 Tuesday, 08:12
RIC Coache

Acceptance Committee reviewed results of RIC coaches development (61-4476 model) on October 18-19 and took a decision about their production at Tver Carriage Works.

Acceptance Committee of representatives of Federal Passenger Company (FPC), RZD, Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Hygiene, passenger design office, regional center of standardization and metrology and other organizations studied samples of coaches and their components, testing results, design and operation documents and arrived at decision to permit production of RIC coaches.

New RIC (Reglamento Internazionale delle Carrozze) coaches have been jointly developed by TVZ and Siemens. They are designated for international traffic and will run on railways constructed as per Russian standards and in accordance with requirements of European Union. Replacement of bogies with gauge 1520mm by 1435mm will be performed on border points in Belorussia and Ukraine. Each coach includes eight four-bed passenger compartments. Coaches are equipped with system ensuring passengers comfort and safety.

The first batch of 30 coaches will be supplied for railways by the end of 2012. 200 coaches will be transferred to Federal Passenger Company in August 2014 as per the contract signed.

Source : TMH Press Centre

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