Tests Finished with Success for TEM18V Locomotive

Tests Finished with Success for TEM18V Locomotive
October 15, 2011 9:14 pm

Experts of the Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, entity of Transmashholding JSC) completed successfully plant tests of a prospect TEM18 shunting diesel locomotive modification – locomotive TEM18V equipped with a diesel engine of Finnish company Wärtsilä.

To build TEM18V-001 they used W6L20LA engine with the capacity of 882 kW at 1000 rpm. TEM18V is one of the models in the new shunting diesel locomotives line manufactured nowadays in BMZ. TEM18V is distinguished by the operating economy and environmental friendliness.

Up-to-date equipment of the safety and running control systems ensures an enhanced safety level in service. A change-over to use of TEM18V would allow the operating company to reduce expenditures for diesel fuel oil and oil, locomotive servicing, the air emission charge.

While developing the locomotive design with W6L20LA engine, the engineers succeeded in finding solutions for related engineering problems. The most important of them is the development of cooling system for the diesel engine and the diesel locomotive design adaption to the increased rotating velocity of the new equipment. A new compressor was applied at TEM18V-001, and a variable fill fluid coupling at the fan shaft of the chilling chamber box.

A solution was found also for the engine protection from a possible hydraulic impact that may occur because of cooling agent entry into cylinders. This allows to crank the diesel engine before its start in order to check the cylinder for water absence. A proposal was made also to display the engine downtime data for the driver.

The new diesel locomotive is equipped with a “Gulf Stream” system, thus making the fuel economy possible.

In the course of the plant tests engine control systems were checked along with the engine protection, and brake and electric equipment performance. A good performance was demonstrated by the upgraded cooling system that was tested under control of Wärtsilä experts. During testing the level of hazardous emissions was measured along with the noise, vibration and infrasound level at the locomotive crew working stations, as well as a number of other parameters.

The working commission for plant test results examination consisting of representatives from OAO RZD, Wärtsilä, Transmashholding, VNIKTI, VNIIZhT inspected the diesel locomotive prototype, studied the design and process documentation set, preliminary tests acts and protocols and sent the diesel locomotive to certification tests. The development of a diesel locomotive equipped with Wärtsilä engine is a part of the large Transmashholding program on shunting locomotives product line extension, which includes engineering work on a hybrid and double diesel locomotives as well as a modular diesel locomotive TEM-TMH.

Photo & Source : TMHolding

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