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TCDD has been Held a Training Program in Djibouiti

09 October 2015 Friday, 19:15

TCDD has been held a training program related to Railway Cross – Border activities in Djibouiti (Djibouiti City) for SDCF (Djibouiti Railways) Staff.

OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) /SESRIC (Statistical, Economic and Social Research And Training Centre for Islamic Countries) has been organised this training. TCDD (Turkish State Railways) has been arranged this training. Education and Training Department of TCDD charged its two experts to prepare a training program and training materials. This training program was held in Djibouiti City/Djibouiti between 28 – 30 September 2015.
There is a incompleted railway line between Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) and Djibouiti (Port) about 750 km. This railway line is under construction, it is also planned an electrified and signalled one way line. It is expected to occur intense rail traffic on this line soon. The railway cross- border prosedures between two countries are quite different across Europea and also in other countries. So, TCDD has different rail cross border prosedures with different countries. In this training, it is found lojical to create a general introduction and to give some examples based on Turkish practises. In this framework, it is also considered to focus on international legislation and national legislation to have a general idea about cross-border activities at railway borders. TCDD Instructors Mr. Kadir ERYİĞİT and Mr. Çağdaş GÖRGÜLÜ has prepared their own training program and course materials after they searched on site applications on Turkish and Bulgaria Railway Border.

Djibouiti Transport minister and other related and high position railway staff also attended to this ceromony. They briefly expressed their cooperation intentions at different railway fields.

General Manager of SDCF, mr. Mohamoud Robleh Dabar has been thanked to all participants and experts for this course. He has also expressed their thoughts for future cooperation in this spesific area with TCDD.
About 30-35 participants from Ethiopia and Djibouiti Railways attended this 3 days course.
The course has been ended with a closure ceromony and awarding participant certificates.

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