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Stadler’s DMUs Running Successfully on the NJ TRANSIT River LINE

17 April 2004 Saturday, 08:16

Stadler Rail Group is very happy to join in the APTA Technical Tour of Stadler’s DMUs running on the New Jersey Transit Authority’s River LINE next Monday, April 19th 2004. Stadler’s representatives will be present and are available to answer any Stadler product questions.

The River LINE vehicles were manufactured in Switzerland and Germany by the Stadler Rail Group in partnership with Bombardier Transportation. We have supplied NJ TRANSIT with twenty GTW 2/6 DMU articulated railcars for its new River LINE between Trenton and Camden. The GTW (Gelenk-Triebwagen in German) has been designed as a modular concept applicable for Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) as well as Electrical Multiple Units (EMU).

The GTW is available in 2-, 3-,or 4-car units. The GTW concept and design is owned and patented by Stadler (Switzerland). From 1995 to the present, 336 trains in EMU und DMU versions have been sold by the Stadler Rail Group in 9 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and USA). Stadler is looking forward to see 29 GTWs running for the Greek State Railway Organization OSE during the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens.

Wherever the new GTWs are running, they`ve been praised by passengers for their spacious interior design and comfort. The customers are obviously satisfied since the numbers of passengers are increasing wherever the new GTWs are in operation. Peter Spuhler, Chairman and Owner of Stadler Rail AG says: “The delivery of the NJ TRANSIT Authority’s order is an international break through for the GTW. This concept could become a bestseller in the USA.” The Stadler Rail Group, the Swiss system provider for customized rail vehicle construction, incorporates Stadler Bussnang AG (Switzerland), Stadler Altenrhein AG (Switzerland) , and Stadler Pankow GmbH in Berlin (Germany).

The Group employs a workforce of approximately 1000 around the world. In addition to the global success of the articulated railcar GTW and the Regio Shuttle RS1, of which some 330 have been sold, the Stadler Group manufactures passenger carriages and diesel-electric locomotives. Moreover, Stadler is the leading rack rail vehicle manufacturer in the world and also modernizes and modifies rail vehicles.

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