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Russian Railway will Construct Railway Line in Libya

12 March 2010 Friday, 07:06
Railway Infrastruter Project

A high-speed rail link in Libya will be constructed by Russian Railways in a contract worth €2.2bn ($3bn).

The track, more than 550km in length, will run along the Mediterranean coast and link major Libyan cities. Around 14,000m of track has been laid so far and 110 track switches have been delivered, of which 51 have been installed.

The project involves the construction of 30 rail and 23 road flyovers, around 1,000 artificial structures, and six major stations along with 24 minor stations.

Speeds on the line will be up to 160km/h in the first stage of the project and, with track electrification, up to 250km/h in the second.
The rail line is expected to become part of the international transport corridor of North Africa.

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