PKP Cargo Received 1st Modernised Locomotive

The first modernized locomotive ET41 in the history of this series was put into operation at the Rolling Stock Repair Workshops of PKP CARGOTABOR in Ostrów Wlkp.

05 November 2016 Saturday, 11:06

The main objective of the modernization works was to create the best possible working conditions for the driver. By the end of this year the workshop will modernize another 6 locomotives of this series.
The locomotive ET41-006 underwent repair at P5 level, which is the highest level of maintenance with modernization of some elements of the vehicle. All items of the electric section of the locomotive have been replaced, including replacement of electrical installation; the pneumatic system was being rebuilt, bogies and traction motors were modernized.
First of all, the driver’s cab has been completely redesigned. There’s a new desktop that within reach of the driver provides availability of most of the elements necessary to start and drive the locomotive. There are new, more readable gauges and meters of electric parameter controls. New, tight side windows with tinted glass and electrically heated windscreens were installed. The cabin is equipped with coolers/air conditioning units, but at the request of the drivers, the electric convection heating had been maintained. Fire installation was installed, as well as cameras allowing to record images of the route in front of the vehicle. In addition, the cabin is built of special sound insulating materials. The noise in the cabin was reduced from 78 dB in the old locomotive to about 68-70 dB in this modernized vehicle.
The first reviews from using of the upgraded locomotive expressed by the drivers are very positive. By the end of this year, another 6 popular “Dachshunds” are to be upgraded that are intended to drive heavy freight cars.

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