OASIS Supports to BSNF Crictical Decisions

25 March 2009 Wednesday, 08:49

US-based BSNF Railway has reached an agreement with RMI rail information to continue using the innovative OASIS decision support system.

BSNF will continue to use the software for the next five years. The company has also secured the latest release of OASIS for use with wide-span cranes at the BNSF Seattle International Gateway intermodal terminal.

OASIS is a comprehensive decision support system that provides intelligent automation of intermodal terminal operations using sophisticated algorithms for solving logistical problems that arise in intermodal rail yards.
Director of system intermodal hub operations and technology at BNSF, Tom Kelly said that the company had much success using OASIS software.

“OASIS has provided a very reliable terminal operating system for BNSF’s intermodal hubs and the new I CAN [intermodal crane automation network] co-developed by BNSF and OASIS looks very promising,” Kelly said.

I CAN is designed to automate equipment tracking, container stacking optimisation, and railcar assignment.
In addition to the OASIS terminal operating system, BNSF uses RMI’s OASIS Vantage Business Intelligence interface for real-time visibility of intermodal operations and RMI’s AutoTrack system for the management of automobile trans-loading facilities.

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