Kolomenskiy Zavod Delivers the 100th EP2K Electric Locomotive

03 April 2011 Sunday, 03:34
TMH EP2K Locomotive

Kolomenskiy zavod has handed over to Barabinsk depot of Western Siberia railway the electric locomotive EP2K No. 100.

“Passenger EP2K electric locomotive fleet of Barabinsk depot has been renovating by Kolo-mensk EP2K electric locomotive. At the present moment 93 EP2K electric locomotives are in operation, generally we need 150 of such locomotives. We have significantly expanded the routs of operation of EP2K locomotives operation: Chelyabinsk, Mariinsk, Novosibirsk, Novo-kuznetsk, Belovo, Petropavlovsk, use them at Sverdlovsk and Perm directions,” – says the Head of Locomotive Repair Depot Barabinsk, Andrey Garmonov. 6 EP2K electric locomotives are operated at Oktyabrskaya railway on the Sain-Petersburg – Svir and Saint-Petersburg – Babaevo areas.

The prototype of EP2K was presented in 2006. The development of the passenger electric loco-motive became one of the priorities in the Program of JSC Russian Railways for reforming of transport sector, as similar rolling stock was not produced in Russia, and passenger DC electric locomotive was purchased in Czechoslovakia. By the time of the start of the works for devel-opment of new electric locomotive average age of operated locomotives was 30 years. EP2Ks replace Czechoslovakian electric locomotives CHS2 series, in comparison with which they have several important technical advantages in relation to power and traction performances – power is increased by 14%, traction effort – by 20%.

EP2K passed a complex of operational tests in winter and summer conditions in 2006-2007. EP2K-001 electric locomotive was tested at Western Siberia railway during winter time of ex-treme continental climate (heavy snowing, wind, outer air temperature up to minus 30 degrees C). The base for summer operational test of EP2K-002 electric locomotive was the depot of Saint-Petersburg-Passenger Moscow (Oktyabrskaya railway). “During the period of EP2K production a large volume of works was executed for modification of design and improvement of locomotive reliability, auto-pilot system and microclimate control system in the driver’s cab”, -says the Chief Designer of JSC Kolomenskiy zavod Anatoliy Podo-prosvetov.

EP2k electric locomotives were certified for serial production in December, 2010. Kolomenskiy zavod will produce 40 EP2K electric locomotives by the order oа JSC Russian Railways in 2011.

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