EN 15179: Railway applications — Braking — Requirements for the brake system of coaches standard

EN 15179: Railway applications — Braking — Requirements for the brake system of coaches standard
November 2, 2023 4:10 am

EN 15179: Railway applications — Braking — Requirements for the brake system of coaches standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and performance of braking systems in railway coaches. This comprehensive standard sets forth specific requirements that must be met to ensure reliable and efficient braking operations.

EN 15179: Railway applications — Braking — Requirements for the brake system of coaches standard

1. Overview:

EN 15179 establishes a set of guidelines for brake system design, construction, and maintenance in railway coaches. It covers various aspects related to braking, including the functionality, performance, and safety requirements of the braking system. The standard focuses on coaches rather than locomotives or freight wagons specifically.

2. Technical Parts:

The standard consists of several technical parts that address different aspects of the brake system. These parts include:

a. Part 1: General requirements: This section provides an overview of the standard, definitions of key terms, and general principles that apply to the brake system of coaches.

b. Part 2: Performance requirements: This part defines the performance criteria that the brake system should meet. It covers aspects such as stopping distance, deceleration rates, brake force distribution, and emergency braking.

c. Part 3: Design and construction requirements: This section specifies the design and construction requirements of the brake system components. It includes guidelines for brake control devices, brake cylinders, brake pipes, brake blocks, and other essential elements.

d. Part 4: Testing and verification: This part outlines the testing procedures and verification methods to assess the compliance of the brake system with the standard’s requirements. It covers both type testing and routine testing.

e. Part 5: Maintenance and inspection requirements: This section provides guidance on the maintenance and inspection procedures necessary to ensure the brake system’s continuous and safe operation. It includes recommendations for inspections, lubrication, adjustments, and repairs.

3. Summary Usage:

EN 15179 serves as a fundamental reference for engineers and technical personnel involved in the design, manufacturing, maintenance, and inspection of railway coach brake systems. Compliance with this standard is essential to ensure the safety, reliability, and interoperability of braking systems across different railway networks.

By adhering to EN 15179, railway professionals can enhance the overall braking performance of coaches, reduce stopping distances, optimize brake force distribution, and improve emergency braking capabilities. The standard also promotes uniformity and consistency in brake system design and construction, enabling seamless operation and compatibility between different coach models and manufacturers.

In conclusion, EN 15179: Railway applications — Braking — Requirements for the brake system of coaches standard is a vital document that outlines the necessary guidelines for ensuring safe and efficient braking operations in railway coaches. Its comprehensive coverage of performance, design, construction, testing, and maintenance requirements makes it an invaluable resource for professionals in the railway industry.

For more detailed information on EN 15179, including specific technical specifications and compliance procedures, you can consult the official document in PDF format available for download on relevant platforms or authorized websites dedicated to railway standards.

Please note that the pdf and download versions of the EN 15179 standard can be accessed through official channels to gain a thorough understanding of its content and implementation details.

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