DMZ Manufactured Seven City-Airport EMUs in 2012

20 August 2012 Monday, 04:13
ED4MKM AERO trains

Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ, a part of Transmashholding) manufactured seven ED4M city-airport EMUs for JSC Russian Railways this year.

EMUs transferred to the Client consist of eleven cars designated for passenger transportation at route Paveletsky railway station – airport Domodedovo. New EMUs have a number of design innovations contributing to higher comfort and better safety of passengers. The car design incorporates air-tight gangways and an air conditioning system. Interior of the car is upgraded considerably. Noise level is decreased highly due to up-to-date materials. Sealed sliding-plug doors are installed with local control buttons; slack-free couplings are used to ensure smoother run. State-of-the-art online board diagnostic system is designed to monitor EMU technical status. Vent windows in cars have a large opening angle that increases fresh air supply to saloon. High quality colorless polyurethane paint with extended lifetime is used for external covering. Four cars in each EMU are equipped with ecological toilets.

Source: TMH Press Centre

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