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Renfe to Buy New High Speed Trains

04 December 2015 Friday, 20:53

Renfe has announced the purchase of 30 new high-speed trains for a maximum amount of 2,642 million euros, also including the maintenance of the units for a period of up to 40 years. The new vehicles will enter service between 2018 and 2025.

The tender, in which Spanish manufacture will be prioritised up to the limits allowed by the European Union, will range from 1,096 million euros for 15 trains and their maintenance for 30 years and 2,642 million euros for 30 trains and their maintenance for 40 years.

Manufacture of the first 15 trains, UIC-gauge units, is expected to start immediately after the bid is awarded, probably in May 2016 so that they enter service in 2018.

The other 15 trains will be ordered in lots of five units according to Renfe’s needs (standard or variable gauge) by 2020, in order for them to enter service in 2025.

These trains are 200 m long and can reach a maximum speed of 320 km/h. They have a capacity of at least 400 seats (80% tourist class and 20% business class) as well as cafeteria. The bid that offers the lowest cost per km operated will be chosen.

In addition, Renfe will carry out the restoration of ten Talgo’s series VII units to convert them into variable gauge trains, with a cost of up to 5 million euros.

With this new purchase, in the next decade Renfe will have 241 trains capable of running at a speed over 250 km/h.

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