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Vehicle Testing on Ottawa’s LRT Project

Engineers will continue to test track alignment until official LRT launch in 2018.

06 December 2016 Tuesday, 12:00

Engineers started testing the first of Ottawa’s light rail vehicles on a section of track between Blair and Cyrville stations Friday.

There will be 34 light rail vehicles in all, said Steve Cripps, the city’s director of O-Train construction. Each will be identical and will hold up to 300 passengers.

The train pulled into Cyrville Station just a few minutes after its scheduled 2 p.m. arrival time. The delay was to give politicians from all levels of government enough time to get to the event.

Tests will continue between Blair Station and Tunney’s Pasture until the O-Train Confederation Line officially launches in 2018. Residents are reminded to stay off the tracks, but they are welcome to watch from the sidelines.

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