Toulouse Starts Driverless Rail

05 July 2007 Thursday, 19:32
Toulouse Metro Trains

The first ever automatic metro system – which operates without a driver – was launched last week in Toulouse, France.

Designed by Siemens Transportation Systems (TS), the €232m 15km underground line and terminal was installed to improve services already offered by Line 14, between Bibliotheqèue Francois Mitterrand in the south of France to borough 13.

The Line B driverless metro was designed to improve connections between the northern and southern sections of the city and downtown area.

The fully automated system – which includes automation technology and components, as well as audiovisual communications, all which integrate with the operations control system – allows flexible and fast adjustment of the number of trains in service to meet varying passenger loads.
Similar light rapid transit systems have been in use for years, particularly at European airports.

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