Siemens Wins 2 Rail Radio Contracts

20 March 2009 Friday, 08:30

Siemens Mobility Division has been awarded a contract by the UK’s Network Rail to supply 6,100 GSM-R radio devices worth €26.5m.

The division has also won another contract as a member of a consortium with Nokia Siemens Networks in Australia to supply GSM-R radio services, including a communication system for a 380km line in the state of Victoria.

Among other items Siemens will be installing 640 radio units, as well as the associated communications equipment in a deal worth €75.6m.

GSM-R is not only used for voice communication but for primary train protection and control.

GSM-R has added-value performance features such as a functional call-number structure with leading digits, followed by the train number and a function code. GSM-R also supports group calls, prioritisation and the displacement of lower-priority calls by calls with a higher urgency level.

Source : Siemens Mobility

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