New 2TE25KM Locomotives has Started to Deliveries to RZD

04 August 2015 Tuesday, 18:40
2TE25KM Locomotive

Bryansk Engineering Plant started deliveries of new 2TE25KM mainline diesel locomotives to JSC Russian Railways.

The first 20 locomotives left for Bryansk-II and Krasnodar locomotive depots. This diesel locomotive was developed by cooperation of experts from Transmashholding, BMZ and Russian Railways.

As compared with the locomotives of mass market lines, 2TE25KM provides for increasing freight train weight and reducing operational costs. It can be achieved due to enhanced engine capacity factor and higher adhesive weight. The driver’s cab complies with all current safety and comfort requirements. The pre-crash system is applied to protect the locomotive crew in case of a collision; a new HVAC system is installed. An independent heater ensures additional heating. To improve the working environment of the locomotive crew, new shock-absorbing materials are used. Ergonomics of the driver’s cab and the entire locomotive are improved.

One of the key advantages of the new locomotive is the simplicity and ease of maintenance due to accessibility and workability of its main assemblies. Such solution will shorten the locomotive maintenance and repair time.

It is expected that by late 2015 BMZ will supply 48 more diesel locomotives to the railways of Russia.

The presentation of 2TE25KM took place in April, 2015. It was attended by the president of JSC Russian Railways Mr. Vladimir Yakunin, president of JSC Transmashholding Mr. Andrey Bokarev, the Holding’s CEO Mr. Kirill Lipa and the acting Bryansk region governor Mr. Alexander Bogomaz.

At present, a large-scale manufacture with expected annual output of 300 sections of mainline diesel locomotives is in process of deployment at Bryansk Engineering Plant.


Photo & Source : TMH Holding

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